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The public's general perception was that professional management of rental properties could only be provided by Real Estate Agents. Now the Landlords Advisory Service can offer private landlords an alternative.

The Landlords' Advisory Service has been formed to:

  • Develop a DO-IT-YOURSELF MANAGEMENT KIT containing all the appropriate documentation to successfully and professionally manage your own property.
    Documentation relevant to Western Australia Only.
  • Assist private landlords in managing their own rental properties.
  • Provide on-line phone counselling to assist subscribers with their documentation or day-to- day management problems.

Offer private landlords in all states access to the TICA tenancy data base and Veda Advantage credit checks. Fees Apply.



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Our office hours are:
Mon-Thurs 9.30am-4.00pm W.S.T. and please note our office closes for a 3 week period between the Xmas & New Year period.


If You

  • don't serve the correct notices;
  • don't serve documents correctly;
  • and within the correct limit

you can have your Court Application dismissed, adjourned or struck out.

We offer:

screening process for tenant selection.

correct documentation

access to debt collection agency

access to settlement agents